Roman epidemic ends in coma: a crazy family feud erupts!

Roman epidemic ends in coma: a crazy family feud erupts!

Roman S. from Poland. He suffered a heart attack in middle age. The disaster happened three years ago and doctors were able to save that person. However, after 45 minutes his heart did not start again. He has been in a coma ever since. Roman’s wife and children living in Plymouth, England, accepted the hospital’s opinion that the patient’s condition was hopeless, and that a court in the UK had decided to turn off the devices that keep him alive, the Novingi.coas server said.

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But Roman’s mother and sister, who live in Poland, have a different opinion. Citing the words of the Polish doctor, they complained to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg that Roman could still be cured. In the end, the court did not support the complaint. The doctor was a Catholic priest who did not even see the report on the patient’s condition.

Polish Archbishop Stanislaw Kadeki Roman s. “Executed in Britain,” he declared. The non-Conservative government of Poland also opposed the decision of the man’s wife and children. According to her, “They did not want their husband and father to continue to grow into a plant.”

“Although he has no right to interfere in the tragic and painful case of a person who cannot be cured, in court against the wishes of his wife and children, he has decided to issue him a diplomatic passport, which is currently trying to take him to Poland.” Told the government address portal on Sunday

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Another local portal wrote, “It is a shame that someone in such a miserable situation would try to formulate a policy at all costs without taking into account the immediate family and the clear opinion of the doctors.”

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