Movies and series on American football to watch while in prison!

Movies and series on American football to watch while in prison!

Do you need American football? After the football, the Wesport editorial staff again promotes a movie reviewer and gives you a list of movies, series or documentaries on American football (not to mention baseball). It does not bring back the joy of waking up at night, but it does allow you to be patient, especially for those who have a lot of time in front of them …

Best Classic

If you do not have time to look at everything, start with its three best classics! Denzel Washington, Al Pacino or Will Smith, everyone has something!

The most beautiful of the fights (remember the Titans)

We start with a great classic! Based on a true story, the film is set in Virginia in the 1970s. Black students are integrated into high school, until then reserved for whites. The American football team, the Titans, is a reflection of the problems of racism that this diversity creates. Denzil Washington includes a new African-American coach with the massive task of uniting this team! Tough starts, friendships, successes and Worship scenes. If you haven’t seen this movie, now is the time to do it!

Brave Titans! (Photo credit:

Sunday Hell (any given Sunday)

This is another cult film dedicated to American football. Less blue flower than the previous film, this film “Miami Sharks” takes us behind the scenes. You like quarterbacks, so choose between new star Willie Beaman or “old school” quarterback Jack Rooney. Wonderfully simulated by Al Pacino under the command of Tony de Amado. Speaking of him in the locker room before a match has become a cult moment in cinema!

Alone for everyone (concussion)

One of the most controversial films on this list. Released in 2015, Shock The link between football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy can be traced back to Dr. Bennett O’Malley’s findings. This true story turned the American football world upside down and the NFL. The football scenes in this film are minimal, but the story catches on with Will Smith in the lead role.

See also

These pictures are probably less cultic, but it still talks about American football, and that’s the main thing!

Le Bury (draft day)

Reality-loving friends, find your way! Draft day Shortly before the NFL draft, we are immersed in the offices of an NFL team (Cleveland Browns) following the decisions of General Manager Sonny Weaver Jr. With Kevin Costner in the lead role, the film offers us an ubiquitous storyline with many twists and turns and a psychological rivalry between different protagonists. Although such a scene is unlikely to lose the credibility of the story, the film is set in the US. Food is an important work of cinema.


‘S real but fictional story Vince Papalle, An unconditional fan of the Philadelphia Eagles in the 70s. The film finds out that this thirty-something was trying to join his heart group. Mark Wahlberg (Dead, no pain gain) excels in the role of Poplin and the story fits the film perfectly.

Mark Wallberg and (est) Vince Pappale (Photo credit: PMP)

Available on Netflix

After the pictures, make the series and documentaries available on Netflix!

In the mind of Aaron Hernandez

We’re more in the news than the actual documentary about American football. This Netflix mini-series (3 episodes) looks back on the life of Aaron Hernandez, a New England patriot accused of being murdered in 2013. The story shook the United States, and this documentary is a testament to the many testimonies from relatives to the “Hernandez affair” (soldiers, families, friends). In particular, we found issues related to homosexuality in this game full of testosterone ாலும் Even if you are not a fan of American football, we can only recommend this documentary!

Last chance U.S.

When we talk about American football we think directly about the NFL, but American football is a sport that is played across the country. In the southern states, it is a religion! This is what Netflix is ​​proposing with Lot Sans You following in the footsteps of Scuba’s Community College and its Lions team from EMCC. JUCO (Junior College) is a precursor to NCAA. This small Mississippi city with a population of about 700 has the best JUCO team in the country, thanks to a simple and effective technique: the signing of talented young players to major universities, but eliminated for behavioral issues. The recipe works under the guidance of a very hot trainer Patti Stephens!

So Lost Chance You is a project that American football fans should watch. There is no need to help life with these young players (Ronald O’Leary, DJ La or Rakim Boyd) Two seasons are dedicated to the Lions of EMCC and two seasons to Sulfur’s coach Brown’s Pirates of Independence. Like some, it helps to better understand the difficulty of accessing the NFL if we are not given a second chance.

Meet Patti Stephens and the beloved EMCC players (Photo credit: Sun Herald)

(One of our Vesport editors was able to visit Scuba, Mississippi in 2018 and was able to see the situation at this community college and see a marginalized game. Our author has created a video on YouTube. Link:

Do you like some baseball?

Finally, we present to you two cult movies that talk about baseball at this time. Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt, the actors are not bad!


The masterpiece of sports cinema. In This biography Chadwick Bosman (Black Panther) plays the lead role, and we follow the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player to join Major League Baseball. Touching, this fictional true story immerses us in the divided United States of the 1940s, especially in the sports world. The movie to watch, even if you already know the story of the player.

42, see a picture! (Photo credit: Marvel’s blog)

Strategist (Manipal)

The film tells the true story of Auckland Athletics’ new athletic director Billy Bean (played by Brad Pitt) and his statistical approach to baseball. Bean will switch to statistics, depending on the limited means available to him to build a competitive team. He will do what no one has tried before and will definitely revolutionize the world of professional baseball. The cast of this film is very good Brad Pitt plays the role of Bean wonderfully. (Available on Netflix)

We hope we have given you some ideas to keep you busy in the coming weeks! This list is obviously not exhaustive, but you already have a few hours of cinema.

(With the participation of Luis Rousseau and Raphael Basil)

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