Attorney Rudy Giuliani sues Dominion for defamation, seeks $ 3.3 billion

Attorney Rudy Giuliani sues Dominion for defamation, seeks $ 3.3 billion

Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell attended a press conference on November 19, 2020 in Washington. – Jacqueline Martin / AP / SIPA

Dominion finished playing. The Canadian company, which has been accused for three months by Donald Trump and his supporters of helping to “steal” the November 3 election by calling it fraud, was attacked Monday for slandering attorney Rudy Giuliani. He is also seeking $ 1.3 billion in damages for damaging his reputation and endangering employees.

In a complaint filed Monday in federal court in the capital, Washington, Dominion Walking Systems accused the former mayor of New York of being one of the main campaigners for “Big Lie”, a conspiracy theory that aims to “elect the main president of the US election machines and software, the electorate of the current president.” They would have rigged the ballot to “turn it upside down” and blamed his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Death threats

The 107-page complaint cites numerous statements from Rudy Giuliani: during her TV shows, on her show on YouTube, on Twitter, at a memorable press conference in mid-November. He said the company, which was founded in Canada, was owned by relatives of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Although many courts have found the allegations unsubstantiated, Rudy Giuliani repeated them on the day of the attack on the Capitol, and underscores the complaint until this weekend. After all, millions of people believed it, and still believe it. “Following the false propaganda of this virus, the company and its employees were targeted, receiving imprisonment and death threats,” the complaint underlined, again citing tweets.

Sidney Powell is already suing

The company also says its contracts with nearly 30 states and hundreds of U.S. districts are “at risk.” He estimates he will lose $ 200 million in profits over the next five years.

Giuliani, 76, threatened to be removed from the New York bar and did not immediately respond to the complaint. Dominion has already sued another former Donald Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, for $ 1.4 billion for damages caused by the conspiracy theories. Giuliani said on November 22 that he no longer worked for Donald Trump. When contacted, Dominion did not immediately say whether further legal attacks were planned.

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