Luprisol was convicted of crimes in 2019 when it cleaned up its Chevrolet plant in Rouen, which burned down.

Two fines of 1,500 euros. These are the sums condemned by Lubricol for the crimes mentioned while cleaning the Sevastopol site in Rouen, where a spectacular fire occurred in September 2019, Rouen Public Prosecutor confirmed Wednesday, May 5th., Pascal Broch.

According to a report by State Services, Revealed by Norman Intelligence Media Octopus And the Agencies were able to consult with France-Press, which examined the clean-up operations of the Rouen plant, which was carried out in late 2019. The decision of the Rouen Police Court is dated March 23, specific Pascal Broch.

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“During the test, there was only one person on the control room console instead of two as provided by the operator in his verified protocol. This person, according to his statements, is not qualified for this position (in training). The second person was having lunch (so not even in the unit) ”, Within minutes, the investigators woke up.

In addition, “The absence of an odor neutralizer is contrary to the provisions of the State Order of July 24, 2019. The introduction of a product that covers the odor with one unit is in place to reduce the high-speed impact by adding a mask to the odor”, They pointed out.

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The stench continued unabated until the last barrel was emptied on September 3, 2020. In September, the city’s vice president, B.S.

The question of Lubricol’s indictment was decided in June

Back on August 13, in the middle of a heat wave, there was the smell “Unsupported” In Petit-Cueville, he said, it prevents residents from opening their windows and causes some nausea or headaches. Nearly 3,000 tons of waste was removed from 15,000 meters2 Of the burned area.

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On September 26, 2019, nearly 10,000 tons of chemicals were smoked at a lubricol site in Rouen and at a neighboring Normandy logistics site, causing a fall in five sectors. The long-term health effects of these spillovers are uncertain.

The Paris Court of Appeals is set to rule on Luprisol on June 30 following allegations that the company, which is owned by US billionaire Warren Buffett, is competing. From a source close to the case, the public prosecutor’s office opposed the company’s request during a March 31 hearing.

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