American Football – NFL: Packers, bookmakers, bills or bosses, who will play Super Bowl?

NFL : Packers, Buccaneers, Bills ou Chiefs, qui disputera le Superbowl ?

Food US – NFL Wild Card Weekend has given its verdict. As with every playoff game, there was intensity and suspense. And beautiful posters are announced for the semifinals of the conference.

Saturday full of lessons

First, the Pills de Buffalo Put their standards against Golds de Indianapolis, Even if they get a chance to come back undefeated at the end of the match. It was Pills’ first home game in 25 years in the playoffs, enough to entertain 7,000 spectators in the stadium.

Just behind closed doors At the Seahawks de Seattle Dismissed by the best defense of the league Rams de Los Angeles. The latter was confused by cutting counter-attack patterns Wilson. Opposite, the Californians certainly leave with success, but ended up in the named quarterback hospital.

For the last game of the evening, The Buchananers of Tom Brady He went to Washington with a great record in the regular season. But the capital team was sown for winning their division with a negative record. Although the experienced team should have easily qualified, the hosts defended themselves and gave the favorites a tough time, especially thanks to the replacement quarterback. Taylor Heinike, Author of Personal Touch Town. But Buchanan goes on to the next round and can still dream of playing Super Bowl At their ground in February.

Sunday Fireworks

When Titans Played at home, in front of 14,000 spectators, they were defeated Ravens de Baltimore A Lamar Jackson Finally won the dry competition. In fact, he was in two eliminations in the first round of the playoffs, and he took the lead in this match. But to allow the Ravens to access the next round after a game was finally passed, he put in an outstanding performance with a personal touch. In the 2nd game of the afternoon, The Saints From other seniors Breeze, Had difficulty in removal Pierce de Chicago By departing in the second half. They have made their position a favorite.

And the explosion came. When Steelers de Pittsburgh Mostly favorites Browns de Cleveland At the very least, the game did not go as planned. While the hosts came in confident and complete, their opponents came without a head coach, Covit Positive and 2 key players. The latter trained only once before the match. And they were at 17 losses on the Steelers field. Finally, the Browns got the right score in the first quarter they led 28-0 ! A record in the playoffs. Everything was successful for the guests in both attack and defense. As best as possible, they managed the outcome of the competition by controlling the attendance of the hosts. In fact, the latter started a crazy comeback that could have ended in the 4th quarter, but the potentially bad results in the attack did not allow them to achieve the record. First playoff win since 1994, even then 1969 For a gain out!

Grandparents fight in the semifinals

After this amazing wild card round, it’s time to enter the leaders ’run to the semifinals of the conference Chiefs de Kansas City, Dominating champions, and Bakers de Green Bay. They will get lower ranking teams: Browns and Rams. They must be ecstatic on the one hand and aware of the safety of the iron on the other. This is an opportunity to see the 2 best quarterbacks of the regular season in action, both of which are under discussion for the MVP title: Patrick Mahoms And Aaron Rodgers. The fight between Green Bay and Los Angeles will air this Saturday night at 10:35 on the La Sun L’Quip. Amateur announcement.

But the poster that fans are all looking forward to will take place on the New Orleans side at midnight on Sunday night. 2 senior quarterbacks Breeze and Brady meet for the first time in their long careers in the postseason. In fact, for more than 20 years, they have never had the opportunity to face each other in dry competition, the fault of different conferences during their operation. The Saints start with a few favorites, especially thanks to two regular season wins against the Buccaneers, but you should never underestimate Tom Brady.

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