Cyber ​​attack: ransomware victim Montmagne city

Cyber ​​attack: ransomware victim Montmagne city

The city of Montmagne is battling a cyber-attack a week ago that led to a complete shutdown of its computer and telephone systems.

The ransomware type attack took place from 16 to 17 January.

Until yesterday, most of the activities to access the computer system were still blocked, but the Town Hall phone system was finally restored, six days later.

We told Magnimontoise that the process of recovering systems can take weeks or even months. “Experts tell us it’s not a sprint, but a marathon,” he said Magazine Director General of the City, Felix Mike.

This type of malware, which is increasingly destructive to many public and private organizations, involves encrypting data on target servers. Usually, hackers then demand ransom money from the victims, which allows them to encrypt the data.

Mr. Micade could not give us details yesterday about a redemption request. The case is still ongoing. If the requested amount is less expensive than rebuilding the municipality’s database it will not refuse to pay the hackers. “We have to weigh the pros and cons. All the shots are on the table.”

Many victims

The city of Montmagne has been on an increasingly long list of Quebec municipalities since 2019, with large-scale cyber attacks after Longyear, Otterburn Park, Montreal West or Maryville.

A ransomware victim in March 2020, the city of Chattanooga confirmed Magazine, On Friday, said she had never paid hackers because she had successfully rebuilt her computer network. Faced with this pain, the Union of Quebec Municipalities has been offering a specific insurance premium since 2019 to its members against cyber attacks.

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There is no redemption amount in Quebec

In Quebec City, despite some reports from a radio station this week, it is confirmed that there has been no recent ransomware-type cyberdock.

“City did not pay a ransom and was not hacked,” spokesman David O’Brien said. However, the city of Quebec confirms that last fall “increased the level of its awareness” and trained all its staff. “The city takes cyber threats very seriously. Our experts are constantly monitoring. ”

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