A team of 40 clubs in the province is integrating renewable energy

A team of 40 clubs in the province is integrating renewable energy

Under specific guidelines, the provincial government proposed to combine the environment and sports: What role do sports and clubs play in tackling climate change? How to reach more stable clubs? Areas for Athletes, and Clubs to Support and Strengthen Social Clothing as Tips for Taking Care of the Environment: Social-Environmental Equity.

The Environment, Solar and Education Club aims to strengthen clubs and their community, creating a threefold impact (environmental, social and economic) through renewable energy and environmental education activities. These measures reduce the consumption of fossil sources, create economic savings and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as promote sources of green work.

“We came to Bowen from Dostoevsky, with 40 clubs across the province, and more than 20 projects continuing to expand this project, which is a definite fact of climate action,” elaborated the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Erica Connett.

“In this first year, we were able to reach 35 seats, and we estimate the benefited population of more than 15,000 young athletes and leaders, thus advancing on the leak model that Governor Omar Peroti asked of us, so that renewable energy reaches all sectors, and companies respond to economic problems that pass through “Environment and climate change is a ministry with young people as protagonists, and clubs are like their home,” he said.

“We are closing 2020, overcoming epidemics and intermittent fires, a provincial climate action law promoted by the governor’s plan, and the effects of climate change with this plan in line with the purpose of the law to create concrete mitigation measures,” he estimated. In Ceres, the project reached the Central Argentine Olympic Club with an energy efficiency program that would allow the company to participate in the Argentine Basketball League. This is to replace the stadium’s LED fittings, which require the organization to accept national participation, managed jointly with the national government, which guarantees the club 50 percent energy savings.

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“Within the framework of a comprehensive environmental education plan, reference energy consumption in clubs was studied with the aim of implementing a general policy to improve technologies for the use of renewable energy to provide heat and electricity consumption in social and / or sports clubs. It is not systematic,” explained Franco Blatter, Deputy Secretary for Sustainability Technologies. “The project has specific objectives such as promoting and renewing renewable energies, creating green jobs in the regions, energy conservation and efficiency and environmental education,” he said.

Blatter described the progress of environmental education and energy efficiency: “We created the first workshop on the most efficient use of energy in clubs.”

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