New animated film made using Unreal Engine

Le film d'animation Gilgamesh sera produit par Epic Games et son Unreal Engine.

The epic game will produce an animated film about Gilgamesh, the god of the underworld in Mesopotamian mythology, using the Unreal Engine graphics engine.

Through the Epic Mega Grants program, American Publisher Epic game Latin American animation studio Hook Up plans to provide $ 100 million in funding to Argentine companies such as Tourmewela and FilmSharks, which are making a film using Unreal Engine technology. Gilgamesh, A heroic figure of ancient Mesopotamia, as well as his rivalry with Enkidu.

Guido Root, CEO of FilmSharks, said:It is an honor to watch the epic games that support Gilgamesh through the Epic Mega Grants program. While animation has done a great job with humor and colorful creatures, there is an opportunity to share a great appetite culture story and tell bigger myths than life.

Gilgamesh Trailer

Four thousand years ago, one of the oldest and most epic tales in history took place, the story of King Gilgamesh of Iron, the greatest fortress he founded, also known as the ‘Father of All Heroes’. This powerful king, the son of a king and a goddess, persecuted his city dwellers, and they became weary of their abuses and prayed to the gods to stop him. In response, the gods created Enkidu, as powerful as Gilgamesh, equal to him, to confront him with the limits of his power. By telling the story of Glamosh’s quest for immortality, we enter into a powerful and timeless story of a universal drama with the beauty of a myth.

The beginning of the epic game in cinema

Gilgamesh’s Latin American partners will also use the mega grant For future projects using Unreal Engine Graphics Engine. The project is designed to support creators who use a set of real-time 3D tools to create photovoltaic scenes and high-speed experiences. The potential of the technology to create virtual collections was recently used by Lucasfilm in The Mandalay and Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy in the West World. The English and Spanish versions of the animated film Gilgamesh, directed by Argentine filmmaker Tomas Lipcott, recently produced The Adapters (Sony Pictures TV).

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