Nearby stock type .. Google new feature

Nearby stock type .. Google new feature

Internet Desk: Google is about to launch another new feature for Android users. This allows users to easily share their WiFi network password with others. The new feature works with Google Nearby Partition. This feature will be introduced to users on Android 12 OS. It works just like the Apple Air Drop. It allows Android users to share photos, videos, apps and Google Map locations from the Google Play Store with other nearby Android users. WiFi password sharing feature based on QR code is already available for Android 10 OS users.

Information that this feature will be available under the name Share WiFi in the second half of this year. Google has already started doing this. This feature is enabled on Android 12 OS by long pressing the WiFi button. In addition, Google is about to launch another new feature called ‘App Pairs’ on Android 12 OS. This allows users to add similar applications across different devices.

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Passwords are firmly in Chrome 88.

Will you play with 2020 .. anyway ..!

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