Kate Middleton chose an unusual image for the crowd: photo

Kate Middleton chose an unusual image for the crowd: photo

As part of his Nurse Now campaign, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke via video link with five nurses from Cate Middleton Coventry and University Hospitals Warwickshire and thanked them for their work.

The video in question was posted on the royal couple’s official website Twitter.

Kate Middleton spoke with nurses working in university hospitals. She thanked them for their hard work.

“We hear over and over again about the amazing things nurses do across the country. It’s not what they teach. It’s something that comes from your heart. I think good deeds are very important now for the patients you care about,” Kate Middleton said.

The Duchess was contacted from his home in Sanringham. You can see many family photos behind her in a frame on the table.

Recently, Prince William’s wife often chose elegant dresses with different prints. But this time he showed a more commercial image.

According to him, Kate Middleton was wearing a snow white blouse neckline and stylish collar. The Duchess wore a dark blue jacket.

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