Close to Trump, Boris Johnson pulls out skirts to provoke Pita

Close to Trump, Boris Johnson pulls out skirts to provoke Pita

The London press warns that Britain is not in the scent of holiness on the Washington side, wondering how the tenant of 10 Downing Street can improve his image and the UK with the new US president.

The question seems to catch Boris Johnson off guard. “Do you think Joe Biden? ‘I woke up’ ? ”, Starts a journalist Sky News, Wednesday, January 20, at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States. A “Nerve circulation” Then in a stumble, the British Prime Minister responded with a smile: “I can’t comment on this.”

Apostrophe later quotes a statement from Labor MP, Lisa Nandi“Politician ‘Awakened’ ”, Eco Le Daily Mail, “A word in American English was originally used to refer to a person who felt social and racial injustice, but he became almost synonymous with ‘political correctness'”.

After all, this scene illustrates the rift between the conservative leader and the new White House tenant. And the way to go to preserve the special Holy Atlantic relationship.

“As far as the personal relationship between Boris Johnson and Biden is concerned, it is important to improve, as well as difficult, Conservative Weekly Analysis Viewer. The two had never met, and Biden once said he was Britain ‘Clone Trump’s Physical and Psychological’. ”In a nutshell: Britain suffers from hair loss and his disease


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