Google News will release some Android smartphones in April

Google News will release some Android smartphones in April

A future update of the Google News app indicates that some smartphones will no longer own it. But in reality, some terminals will be excluded.

Do you use Google News as your preferred application for written discussions with your loved ones? Be aware that there is change on the horizon – the final to final encryption, of course, should be rolled out throughout the year. But, as for the bad news, Mountain View company plans to make its app compatible with some models of smartphones.

This change was posted on the site XDA-Developers. Quickly speaking, until April 1, 2021, Google News will no longer work on smartphones that are not certified by a US company. This result was obtained by digging into the installation files of the advanced version of the application, with the discovery of a single line of code displaying a warning message.

Update that affects some

In fact, the number of smartphones actually affected by this development should not be significantly higher. Tip Frontroid, A list maintained by Google On supported devices Has over 31,000 different entries – not surprisingly, there are many consumer models at ease. In practice, in many cases nothing changes.

For those who find themselves in this situation, assuming that the update discovered by XDA-Developers is actually complete (this is precisely version 7.2.203, but its content is subject to change from time to time). Its deployment here), they need to switch to another mobile messaging app. As for SMS, there is a signal, for example, that it fulfills this role without worry.

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Thanks to the Rich Communication Service (RCS), Google News has won because the app is more than just receiving and sending text messages. It offers advanced services including the possibility of delaying the start of a message (if the smartphone cannot access the network immediately), requesting a reading receipt, making multiple chats or exchanging messages. Files.

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