Fortune 500 has now registered 41 women as heads of companies

Fortune 500 has now registered 41 women as heads of companies

41 women now run Fortune 500 companies Fortune latest list.

For the first time, two black women, Rose Brewer of the Walkreens Boots Alliance and Tashunda Brown Tuckett of the TIAA, are simultaneously CEOs. In addition, Citigroup’s Jane Fraser is a major U.S. Makes history as the first woman to head the bank, and Karen Lynch of CVS Health makes history as the best Fortune 500 leader. The $ 268 billion healthcare company ranks 4th on this year’s list.

Earlier, General Motors CEO Mary Barra topped the Fortune 500 list in 2014, ranking 6th on the Fortune 500 list. Today, General Motors is ranked 22nd.

Karen S. Lynch, P.D.G.D.C.V.S.

Courtesy: CVS

Lynch, who was previously head of Adna, took over as chairman CVS Sande in February. Shortly after his appointment, Brower, a former Starbucks executive, took over as CEO of the Walkreins Boots Coalition in March. The two women, who now run two of the country’s largest pharmacy chains, played a key role in helping Deploy efficiently Covit-19 vaccine.

In May, J.P. Duckett, a former executive at Morgan Chase, joined Brewer as the only black woman on the list when he became the new CEO of TIAA after the resignation of former CEO Roger Ferguson Jr.. Brewer and Tuckett, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, was the first and only black woman to run the Fortune 500 company permanently from 2009 to 2016.

“We continue to see progress in the Fortune 500 with a few women and two [new] Women of color are being promoted to CEO positions, ”Lorraine Harriton, CEO of Catalyst, a global gender equality organization, told CNBC Make It. But even with this improvement, he says, “there is still work to be done.”

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With 41 women on the Fortune 500 list, women leaders make up only 8.1% of Fortune 500 CEO positions. The diversity added to this year’s list is, according to Fortune, the result of leadership changes at different companies. New businesses record revenue growth of $ 5.37 billion, and old businesses fall as revenues decline.

For example, Reshma Kevlarmani of Vertext Pharmaceuticals is ranked # 448 in her company rankings, Sheryl Palmer of Taylor Morrison Home is ranked # 452 and Adena Friedman of Nostalk is ranked # 480 .Ulda’s Mary Dillon Beauty To resign In June his stock and luxury lifestyle brand Dapestry, run by Joan Crovocerett, dropped out of the list and took the No. 528 spot.

To continue to promote the slow but steady advancement of women in senior management, Hariden says, one solution may be to establish “clear goals and actions to increase the pipeline representation of senior executives and CEOs.”

Nastok CEO Adena Friedman speaks during an interview in New York.

Christoph Goodney | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Already, under Friedman’s leadership, NASTAC has put forward diversity mandates that require listed companies to have at least two board members, including one who identifies as a woman and one who identifies as a woman. As a less representative or LGBT + minority. Nasdaq defines minorities who are not referred to as anyone who identifies as black or African American; Hispanic or Latin; Native American or Alaskan Native; Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; Or Asian.

Burns, who has served on the boards since leaving his stake in Xerox, was at one time against diversity goals when the U.S. He says he now understands their need if companies don’t come up with.

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“I’m really starting to shift my thinking around goals,” he said in an interview with CNBC’s “Completion Bell” last year. “I was totally against them. Now I’m starting to inquire, wondering if it will help.”

As one of the few black women CEOs of Fortune 500, Burns says the slow progress of gender and racial segregation puts American companies in the final stages of what they call ‘voluntary compliance’. He explains that if leaders do not improve that representation at a fast, consistent pace, diversity goals may be the only alternative.

“It would be so sad if we went there,” Burns says. “But if we don’t do it on purpose soon, I’ll walk the streets and say,‘ Yes, we should. “”

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