Biden threatens to fire White House staff if they do not treat each other with respect | Inauguration Joe Biden

“If you work for me, if you ever hit a co-worker or if I ever hear you treat me with contempt, I will fire you immediately,” the president said, seeming to want to break that firm stance with the toxic work culture that prevailed in the West Wing. Previous government.

For the past four years, the president has said he wants his staff to treat each other with dignity and respect. “History will determine for us and our fellow Americans how dignified, corable, and intelligent we were in fulfilling their interests,” Biden said. “We are a team. We have a duty, but a great privilege. Occasionally a person has the opportunity to do something that can have a fundamentally positive impact not only here but on the lives of others around the world. ”

“People don’t work for us, but we work for people. I work for people. They pay my salary, they pay your salary. They trust you, I trust you, so we have a duty.”

Finally, Biden asked his staff to point out his mistakes, which he would inevitably do. “I desperately need your help,” the president said. “I’m going to make a mistake. When I do them, I’ll recognize them – I’ll let you know – I need your help to help me with them. To be exact.”

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