Asteroid Eunomia: How high, how fast it travels, how far it travels over the earth, what is the risk

On July 29, 1851, Annibale de Casparis discovered asteroid 15 eunomia in Naples, Called a stellar body January 21 will go closer to Earth. Your address will be Galaxy cancer, As well Asteroid Irene That too will go closer to the earth January 24.

Eunomia will pass 1.5 astronomical units (UA) from Earth, Net 200 million kilometers. Although it appears to be very high, it is spatially too short. Irene, for her part, will pass 2 astronomical units at a distance of about 300 million kilometers from Earth.

255.3 km in diameter

Asteroid 15 Eunomia Traveling in the southeast of the sky And, according to experts, Can be seen with the naked eye from our planet: “Considering its current size, eunomia can be seen with the help of a telescope through a 50 millimeter hole or a small telescope.”, They explain from the site

Eunomia It weighs 3.341019 kilograms, has a diameter of 255.3 kilometers and a rotation period of 6.083 hours. It is located 2,644 average distance Astronomical units Of the sun, Can approach up to 2,148 ua and move up to 3,14 ua. Its peculiarity is 0.1875 and the orbital slope is 11.74. Of late 1570 days to complete an orbit around the sun.

No risk

Scientists and astronomers They did not warn that this asteroid would endanger Earth.

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