Switching from WhatsApp to Telegram 10 Reasons for Value

Switching from WhatsApp to Telegram 10 Reasons for Value

One of the main advantages of Telegram is its ability to send files without abbreviations, i.e. they do not lose quality.

Since the beginning of this year, many people have decided to switch from WhatsApp to another messaging app. Telegraph Processor Most users have decided to relocate.

This was due to its high level of privacy, which exceeded the first week of January 500 million users It gained 25 million new users in just 72 hours last week.

In addition to the similarity of the two applications in their interface, Telegram has many useful functions not available on WhatsApp, so we bring you the top 10:

1. Send photos and videos without loss of quality

One of the main advantages of Telegram is its uncompressed file distribution system.

When you specify the photos and videos you want to send, you can select the ‘Send as file’ option so that the application sends them in full format, but not in compressed version.

2. Contact without phone number

Telegram allows you to create an alternative or username that will be sufficient for other users to find you in the application. Phone number is only required to register or log in.

3. Not SIM dependent

Telegram can be used on different devices and on the same mobile phone depending on the SIM card.

4. Create and follow channels

The Drow app also has a tool called a channel, which acts like a blog.

Channels are like chats with unlimited subscribers, where only admins can post messages, and other users are restricted from reading and sharing them. Diario Premia is one of them and how can you get it? im Primarily.

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5. Play audios and videos at dual speeds

One of Telegram’s most practical functions is the ability to listen to audio or video messages at double speeds.

If you receive a long and uninformed message, you can save time by pressing the 2x button in the upper right corner.

6. Control sharing

When messages sent on WhatsApp and most applications are always anonymous, the telegram refers to the author of the message as a link to their contact.

If you do not want to link your shared messages to your account, you can configure this functionality in Settings (Privacy and Security> Shared Messages).

7. Create secret chats

Unlike normal chats, secret chats have many additional security measures to ensure extra security: All messages use end-to-end encryption and cannot be sent.

Also, you can self-destruct them after a certain time after opening them. On the other hand, if the recipient takes a screen shot, the application will notify you.

8. Find groups by geolocation

Like Tinder, Telegram allows you to search for users and public groups near you. Of course, by default, accounts are not known to other users by geolocation unless they are changed manually.

9. Delete messages whenever you want

If WhatsApp only allows you to delete messages for a limited time, they will always be in chat, you can do it at any time on the telegram and without informing the other person that the message has been deleted.

10. Delete conversations for everyone

Beyond messages, the Russian application provides the ability to delete entire conversations on your application and other chat participant’s device.

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This feature is only available for private conversations.

** Extras: Use of bots

Telegram bots add features to the messaging application without the need to install new ones.

For example, you can download music, books, watch movies, play games, use it as a translator, in short, anything you can imagine.

To use them:

  • Find the bot you want in the app’s search engine or activate it with the link
  • Click Start when you come to their chat or conversation
  • Follow the instructions or commands, which will vary depending on the pot you have

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