Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra “Without Veil”: Here it is in the first tear

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra "Without Veil": Here it is in the first tear

YouTube channel PBKreviews Act again with a new tear dedicated to the family Galaxy S21; After showing us every secret Of Basic model, The method of discovering secrets today of Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As usual, PBKreviews videos are very detailed and highlight the key features of the smartphone unlocking phase. This is even more interesting information in this regard, as it allows us to understand what the differences are between the top and bottom variants of the S21 series, as these smartphones are not only in the technical datasheet, but also due to the build quality that characterizes them.

The plastic back of the S21, in fact, leads to a Very traditional glass panel, It turns out Slightly harder to remove. Opening the smartphone also shows why the rear camera module – covered with metal plate – was not made into a piece with an aluminum edge. In doing so, in fact, it would have been necessary to change the shape of the glass panel (and make it more brittle) and move the camera housing to slide the module under the metal body: in short, this would significantly complicate any interference Easy to fix smartphone.

The variation considered by tear gas is international Exynos 2100However, in the single-SIM and dual-SIM version, one detail that can be seen from the used trolley is that there is no second slot on the back. Once the smartphone is open, you can notice that there are no antennas dedicated to millimeter waves, although they do have inserts that need to be placed.

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We note among other interesting details Generous size of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and smartphone motherboard. Keep in mind that the S21 Ultra accepts dual layer PCB, so it is a dual exaggerated motherboard, thanks to which you can recover precious space without leaving any components. There is also a thorough examination of the photo gallery – it presents 3 cameras are confirmed in 4 (Periscopic only one, not for obvious reasons) and various solutions for heat dissipation adopted by Samsung.

Overall the S21 Ultra achieves a repair score of less than 7.5 on the S21 at 10 points, 6 Your 10. Among the most criticized features we find the most difficult to access is changing the screen (its flex is welded to the panel, not removed on the S21) and Battery – It does not yet have the classic adhesive tabs – in addition to the initial problems when removing the rear window.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Online Manglic A. 1,279 Euro.

(Updated January 20, 2021, 12:48 pm)

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