MLP The Show 21 is set to release next February

Usually announced in October for release in the first quarter of next year, the next installment of the baseball game series MLP The Show So far no message has been given. However, it should not be delayed any longer, the developers have given us an appointment this week in February.

In fact, the licensed Twitter account indicates that more information will be shared from next month.

Aside from pouring into next-generation consoles, this will be a special year for the owner, as MLP The Show will be the first-ever multiplatform. In fact, remember, in December 2019, Sony announced that it was expanding its partnership with the Major League of Baseball Players Association. However, the rights re-negotiation has released future titles on engines other than the Japanese manufacturer since 2021. Xbox Reaction Notice.

So you only have to wait a month to find the new chapter of the iconic license for baseball games on Microsoft consoles.

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