Conspiracy, Massacre ஏழு Seven films that shake up American democracy

Conspiracy, Massacre ஏழு Seven films that shake up American democracy

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The images of Washington being attacked by Donald Trump supporters on January 6 went around the world, not cinema. The latter did not hesitate to shake up American democracy, when the Capitol, when it was apparently not destroyed, would sometimes become an arena where the presidency and the lower ranks would have to be restrained, as evidenced by the pictures of Frank Capra, Raul Walsh, John Frankenheimer, Alan J. Bacula, Roland Emmerich, Otto Priminger and Clint Eastwood.

  • “Mr. Smith in the Senate”: Probability in the Capitol

At the death of a senator, a group of perverted elected officials from the majority party appoints an honest and naive young man to replace him, in the hope that he will only see fire in a real estate project, and they will make huge profits. . By an unfortunate coincidence, the man who had invested in the scout movement had planned a summer camp for children on this land. Tries to manipulate him and then to humiliate him, leading the elected officials to oppose them with fierce opposition during a legend ban session in the Capitol.

Everyone here would have recognized Mr. Smith in the Senate, One of Frank Capra’s greatest films, Extreme Anti-Fascism and Plutocrat, while at the same time the Hollywood condemnation film team. James Stewart plays the young Jefferson Smith, Jean Arthur, a secretary who opens his eyes and heart. Claude Raines plays Senator Joseph Payne as a man who has lost his dignity, and Edward Arnold as Jim Taylor, a businessman who can act, and the power of corruption as a brutal figure of money.

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We will mention here Jefferson’s first gesture by setting foot in Washington, which leaves the company with his mentors to pay homage to this monument of American democracy with the devotion of the Capitol. Capra reveals this to some extent, in a kind of revelation, making Jefferson a Moses in Sinai, before he breaks the legal table, when he sees his colleagues denigrating their contents. So his rebellion is fiercely opposed by the barbarians who besieged the building a few days ago. One says one deserves the law and the other hates it. Jack Mandelbaum

American film by Frank Capra (1939). With James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold (2:10). In Lasinetech.

  • “A lion is in the streets”: Attacking companies

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