Anthony Davis's very true statement about the legacy of Kobe Bryant

Anthony Davis’s very true statement about the legacy of Kobe Bryant

A year after his death, Kobe Bryant leaves a huge void behind him and a tremendous legacy in the NBA. Closer to the Lakers legend, Anthony Davis spoke about Mamba’s memory and the mark he holds on the people around him.

Find grace in the first relationship between Anthony Davis And Kobe Bryant, We have to go back to the 2012 London Olympics. At that time, AD. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. With Team USA, he gained the experience and expertise of players such as his future teammate Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. LeBron James… Especially Kobe.

Black Mamba was actually a symbol on the US list, but it’s so much better for superstars. He won 5 rings with lockers and then started a home extension of his career. So Unibro they fully enjoyed every minute to interact with Bryant.

When the United States took home the gold medal since the summer of 2012, Davis and Gopi faced each other several times in the league. AD Became one of the best players, while Kobe came out in 2016. The two had time to develop a strong relationship, which the big man remembered as the 1st anniversary approached. Vino’s death.

He was a ruthless competitor on the pitch, and he was a handsome guy. I think it’s hard to think of Gopi, it’s hard to love him, he might have his influence on people, he’s trying to give to the world.

Mamba’s disappearance shook the entire basketball world and the sports world in general. The shock is particularly huge in Los Angeles, where the Lakers are honored to have won the NBA title last season. Definitely the most appropriate way to pay homage to a sick competitor and final winner icon.

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AD, remembers him, his exchanges carefully with the famous number 24. During Game 2 of the last Western Conference Finals, he fully heard his memory by killing the claws. Screams “Cope” after shooting a clutch. Mamba will tolerate whatever the mood is.

So, Anthony Davis paid a beautiful tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, almost a year after the tragedy of his death. Mamba is truly a unique character, he has influenced an entire generation of athletes.

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