A moving documentary about this Mexican that was snatched away

A moving documentary about this Mexican that was snatched away

“On the Line,” which aired on France 2 this Tuesday, tells the daily newspaper of Rocio, Sergio and Richard. Like thousands of deported people, they lived in the United States for decades before they were considered foreigners before returning to their native Mexico. Meeting with Directors Alex Kohari and Leo Matty.

At night, in the heights of Tijuana, Rosso sees the lights of San Diego, a symbol of his life. Everything in the Mexican city reminds her of America, from which she was expelled. He is applying to respond to calls for English TV shows from the United States, from the relocated American Call Center. Focusing on Mexico City, directors Alex Cohari and Leo Matte have been documenting the journey of South American immigrants to the United States for five years. In On the line expelled from the United States, They follow Rocio, Sergio and Richard, victims of inhumane administration, who were brought back to the border after a life spent on American soil. For almost a year, both documentaries saw their impossible reconstruction.

Migration from Central America to the United States is at the heart of your documentaries. What led you to this topic?
Alex Kohari. This theme has always been our common thread. We started Mexico, search for missing immigrants We followed Animal, A freight train for immigrants to the United States. In our third film, America, the first steps of unwanted individuals, We met Jose, a young Salvador who was threatened by his instability when he went to the United States, where he was granted asylum status. As for art, we have created many short forms, sometimes forcing us to summarize horrific human situations in a matter of minutes with strong implications. It was so frustrating. Living in Mexico and being able to take the time, without immediate pressure, allowed the subjects to be studied in depth. In On the line expelled from the United States, We have made a conscious decision not to explore the American side. We see ourselves from the perspective of three characters, to whom America is inaccessible.

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