Ko-Landa: 10 adventurers we see in the 20-year-old All-Star edition of the adventure game

Ko-Landa: 10 adventurers we see in the 20-year-old All-Star edition of the adventure game

Co-Landa is celebrating its twentieth anniversary on TF1 this year, and an All-Star edition is planned to mark the event. If any information about the cast of this special edition has not been filtered out yet, we have selected 10 adventurers who dream of seeing each other.

Between February and May 2020, the American channel CBS achieved the feat of bringing together twenty former winners of 40 former tournaments.e Baptized Adventure Sports Season Survivor: War winners For 39 days of survival and, after all, an exceptional gain of $ 2 million (apparently, it is tempting!).

Could the annual edition of DF1 be like this with participation only for former winners? Why not. But the French version has only 28 winners in total, including the Classic and All-Star versions. This makes things a lot harder for the system. Not to mention those who excluded themselves after participating in other shows on competing channels.

Famous faces may return in 2021

And then, as the audience knows, it’s not always best to win in Co-Landa. We love emotions, rands, strategy and competition. Here is our preference:

Claude Tortoise – Season 10, Heroes Revenge, Heroes Island

Claude is no longer introduced. The winning machine at boy events. Proof, he has the absolute record of the game with 17 personal wins, one win in two orientations and posts. Still. He never won a check for 100,000 euros. Scandal !!!! So if Co-Landa is celebrating its 20th anniversary, Claude will not be invited to the party. We don’t want to hear anything.

claude_5ff885706e652.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Krakowar Telachox – Season 7, Winner of the War of the Heroes

Greg is a Go-Landa legend. In 2007, the then 24-year-old eggplant surprised everyone in the camp with trials. Everyone … except the hard-hearted who served as enemies, fearing his unchallenged dominance and rallied against him. In 2010 in The Clash of Heroes, he becomes the first candidate to be fired, causing misery to everyone – including high-level athletes – and winning the one-legged polar test against Freddie. More than 4 hours (during the test he took the time to get rid of a stressful desire). A legend we tell you.

gregoire_5ff885b577aa.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Jade Handy – Season 7 and the return of the heroes

She was the one who removed Gregory in the Palawan version. Low foot when the latter offered his consolation. But it allowed him to win. Attention, e, Jade is a warrior in trials, being pointed out twice in posts on multiple participation in Co-Landa. A strong opponent who deserves a third participation.

jade_5ff885d29ba44.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Mark Rambat – Season 14

In 2015, Mark flew in the Rambat edition Ko-Landa: Johor. He made a fire in 2 minutes, which was a record, winning half of the immunity tests, and was fun at turning the brains of his comrades by his charm. He was the one who fed the camp and controlled the alliances. Yes, when he wins 100,000 euros, he decides to donate everything to a charity. # Boss

marc_5ff886d5afbbc.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Mathilde Chevalier – Season 17

Mathilde is a model team player who was eliminated during an orienteering race in Cambodia. He is superior in tests, does little strategy, but not much, and has a special ability to detect an immune necklace. On the other hand, he is zero in on the negotiations, as he proved to us when he was fooled by Sandro during a meeting of ambassadors, Yassin lost his place.

mathilde_5ff886f4c14e1.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Yasin Metri – Season 17 and The Fight of Heroes

Yasin to be precise. He created Cambodia, where audiences fell in love with his many talents. But his lack of strategic awareness gave him space. Back in the Battle of the Heroes, he is dragged down by Alban in his fall, forming a pair with him during an immune test. If he already is Expressed doubts Regarding the third participation, he says a “new challenge” will convince him. This is yours, TF1!

yassin_5ff88719abdea.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Bertrand Polle – Season 8 and La Revenge des Heroes

Bertrand, who lost in the semifinals during his first appearance, returned four years later to reach out to everyone at La Revence des Heroes. During the final ballot, it was against Claude – with whom he was suspected of having two more adventurers, Sealed a financial contract Before the start of the match – he will win by 9 votes from 10 members of the final arbitral tribunal. Bertrand is a troublemaker, and his charisma naturally allows him to impose his authority. One of the most notable adventurers in the history of Co-Landa.

bertrand_5ff88730e679c.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Alexandra Bornet – 4 lands

Alexandra won the latest version of the TF1 adventure game. So it is only natural that we would like to see him compete against the legends of Co-Landa. She has a delicate abdomen, has a sixth sense when finding cassava, and watch out for yourself if there is a test with the bow. Because Alexandra is a great archer.

alexandra_5ff8875be95d4.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Clementine Julian – Season 17 and Battle of the Heroes

Clem, rage. That’s his nickname. In Cambodia, Clementine was able to attract criticism from the audience because of his character … which was great. And his strategic sense. That young woman is a militant and no one can snatch it from her.

clem_5ff887c4caa84.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

Freddie Pachercher – Season 9, Heroes Clash, Heroes Revenge, New Version

Our last choice. Like Dehiura – who is not on this list because, at some point, you need to know how to make a comeback – Freddie has been heavily involved in the TF1 show with four appearances. But, he said, we haven’t seen him in a while (Dehiura on Heroes Island, in 2019) The new version starts in 2014. So it would be nice to see his face back in Co-Landa, and he gives dreams to his opponents thanks to his intense knowledge of survival and his excellent position in trials. Maybe this time he can finally complete the first step. Probably.

freddy_5ff887ff85cdf.jpeg© Screenshot TF1

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