Wearing a mask: We still make these mistakes

Port du masque: ces erreurs que l’on commet encore

Wearing a cloth mask is increasingly isolated. Earlier this week, some of our VRD colleagues announced that some hospitals would begin banning the wearing of cloth masks. The problem with these masks is that they are not washed regularly enough. So they are “unhygienic” and not adequately protected.

Yves Copters also supported one move, explaining to us that current security measures are not sufficient on an individual basis. “Wearing a cloth mask that is less reliable than surgery or FFP2 should be encouraged in certain areas, such as public transportation or in a queue at a major supermarket renovation.”, He explained.

According to a new study by US mask company Science.com, mistakes are still common when wearing a mask. In fact, of the 1,000 people interviewed, 35% admitted that they had not washed their hands before wearing the mask, and 43.7% agreed to remove them without first cleaning them.

The second most common mistake is not washing the mask regularly. According to the study, 44% of those interviewed said they wore the mask several times before washing and on average for up to 9 days. According to Cianzano, the mask should be washed off after each use.

The mask, cloth or scraper should be changed every 8 hours or it should become wet or noticeably dirty.

Finally, almost one in four participants in the study admitted to sharing their mask with relatives. A procedure is obviously strongly encouraged by experts. All recommendations for wearing your mask effectively can be found on the SPF Public Health website.

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