How did Trump leave the White House before Biden entered?

How did Trump leave the White House before Biden entered?

CNN reports that President Donald Trump is planning a “last moment as a leader” when he leaves the White House, despite the “shameful stigma” of trying to isolate him twice.

The network says the White House is expected to host a large departure party for Trump on the morning of Jan. 20, just before Joe Biden’s inauguration, which includes a group of guards, a military team, 21 bullets and a red carpet.

Contrary to his entry into the White House, Trump will not do the same with Michael and Barack Obama as he did with the Biden family because he will not attend the inauguration ceremony and he will not be there when Biden arrives at the White House. Last week, it must have happened like this.

CNN, on the other hand, has reported that US Vice President Mike Pence will attend Biden’s inauguration, indicating that Pence has become acting head of state. Patriot to protect the Congress building.

On the day of Biden’s inauguration, the American Network cited evidence that Trump planned to leave the presidency, saying he had no obligations on his schedule after arriving at his home in Palm Beach.

The network ended its statement by stating that one thing Trump could not do was Twitter, as a Twitter official confirmed that his account would be suspended even after Trump left office.

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