Ethiopia with the worst sick population since Govt-19 in Africa – Brenza Latin

South Africa (546), Tunisia (388), Cameroon (385) and Madagascar (246) complete the group of five countries with the most important patients on the continent, counting 3,537, which is one of the major sites, with the highest number of epidemics.

Ethiopia reached this stage after an increase in the number of recorded cases since February, which continues to the present, forcing the Ministry of Health to strengthen health measures and follow other regulations on March 29.

Since then, affected citizens and congregations have been barred from entering the country, as well as any public movement without wearing a mask, among other cabinet rules. The Attorney General’s Office announced that those who violate the law will be severely punished.

Precisely in March the country topped the list of most affected African states, with 223 thousand 665 affected so far, followed by South Africa (554 thousand 975 million), Morocco (500 thousand 323) and Tunisia (266 thousand 827).

According to the Ethiopian Health Authority, there were no signs of improvement in April because the number of infections diagnosed in the early eights fluctuated from 1,878 to 2,372, and 210 patients died.

Currently, there are 53,835 active cases, the highest number in the region. In addition, 3,786 deaths have been reported and 166,752 have been recovered.

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