Cup of America.  US AC 75 sinks in Auckland (story + photos + damage + video)

Cup of America. US AC 75 sinks in Auckland (story + photos + damage + video)

The grain had a bad mouth. It was dripping with rain all over, and it smelled like a mess. Red moon And American Magic With a slight advantage to the Americans after a couple of doubles, they were already propelled into the windy regatta, but the wind began to turn, pushed by large black clouds.

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Suddenly, the AC 75 pitch then landed heavily on the harbor side before starting to sink. | DR / PRADA CUP

The U.S. boat was hit by gases shortly before crossing the last airway. The big foil of America’s Cup is the most dangerous maneuvering swipe for the monohouls, where it went bad. Too bad!

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Below is a video of the AC75 USA flight:

(Video credit: Prada Cup)

The A.C.75, trapped in the scaffolding, lying on its harbor side, fell heavily from its plane. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

We will know the exact course of the wrong maneuver later, but the result is the same Patriot Before falling to its side and slowly lying on the side of the harbor, it climbed straight up and departed.

The Americans are on a sinking mission, and the Italians are on their way to Dipto, under their air. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

When damage occurred Red moon Passed nearby, the Italians finished without a hitch at the depots. US-backed boats rushed in, and everyone on board was OK, but the ballet for boating was certainly less established compared to the technique used by the New Zealanders a week ago.

American Magic has gone to bed, but is not yet filled with water. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

The Patriot was already somewhat submerged in water, but after a few long minutes returned to the place, and the crew stayed on board the ship so as to be able to control it when it turned in the right direction. End of Phase 1.

The crew of the American AC75 will be on board as much as possible to try to straighten it out. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

Because it was immediately apparent that the Patriots were filled with water, a waterline that had actually risen. It doesn’t smell good. The pumps were placed, the black boat tried to fight the sinking, but very quickly the bow went under the water, there were a few long minutes, and we felt well that the American team fought with the energy of despair to save their boat. And weirdly, without the big logistics ways.

Filled with American magic water. The pumping functions will start trying to save it. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

But like the best Western nations, the cavalry team came with the return of the sun in the form of New Zealand tenders, which came with other pumps and other mats from Devil Wavert.

Courses will also be used to try to prevent the boat from sinking. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

In fact, everyone from the American Cup was on the side of the American boat to avoid drowning. The other teams, the organization, the Coast Guard, the firefighters, the police, everyone got into it, and little by little the hull slowly began to rise.

Grains have passed through the Gulf of Auckland, and restoration work around American magic continues. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

On the American side, the faces began to relax, and the hellish sunset could begin at very low speeds. The end of the horror film.

All means will be used to prevent the American boat from sinking permanently. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

In fact, the American boat had a waterway in the bow, which should be feared to be the most favorite in its terrifying pyrotechnics. We’ll find out more in the next few days, but it’s hard to see how Terry Hutchinson and his men could have recovered their momentum by next Friday, the 3rd of the opening year.e Round Robin of the Prada Cup. We want them to succeed.

The water-filled AC75 first went to bed. The desperate bailout will begin. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

Meanwhile, the English not only owned a boat and restored all of its shape, a talented team, but they were lucky. James Spittle and his crew were giving a regular bustle on the ship’s first regatta at their Luna Rosa Prada Pirelli. ‘Hura Ruki.

The worst was avoided: American Magic, stored in the extremists, modified by temporary means and dragged to its hanger. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

The race was restarted, and this time Ben Ainsley and his magical tactic Giles Scott were able to find the scene that allowed them to overtake the Italians who had started well.

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On Sunday evenings and nights in Auckland, American Magic is brought back to its site. | Gilles Martin-Rocket
AC75 US’s first crane operations in front of its base in Auckland. | Gilles Martin-Rocket

So, the English, who seemed to be the first to be eliminated before the Christmas break, quickly won the first two rounds.

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From the water the first few meters of the crane, the verdict falls: a big hole in the hull, on the harbor side! | Gilles Martin-Rocket

The next few days will be crucial for the future of the first Prada Cup, selecting 36 challenges.e America’s Cup, and the answers are currently in the hangar on the US site.

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Medusa's raft?  No.  American Magic Men try to save AC 75 from sinking in Auckland Bay on Sunday.

Cup of America. US AC 75 sinks in Auckland (story + photos + damage + video)

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