A teacher told the class that the invasion of Capitol Hill was antifa. The students laughed

A teacher told the class that the invasion of Capitol Hill was antifa.  The students laughed

OhStudents at a school in Florida recorded the moment they decided to teach about the attack on the Capitol, informing the class that the riot had occurred, not by Trump supporters, but by members of Antifa (an anti-fascist movement associated with the extreme left).

The students began to argue that one of them was wearing a hat and the other was in favor of Donald Trump.

“They were paid to be there and cause the riot, they had to look like Trump supporters, so they wore hats and carried Trump flags,” replied the teacher who taught the class at the school instead of the permanent teacher. Lake of Wales.

To the teacher, Knee it Yahoo, Cites an article in the Conservative Washington Times, which wrote that Antifa members’ face recognition was recognized among Trump supporters, which was later denied and the article corrected.

Another student recalled that they were Trump supporters in Washington that day and that they had gone to the Capitol to block the vote of Joe Biden’s election official. The professor denied that Trump’s supporters were “trying to prevent the windows from breaking.”

Following the release of the video, the teacher was fired not only from the school but also from the school board, the school’s principal Damien Moses confirmed. To TMZ. “We met with her and she was expelled not only from our school but from the entire school district,” he clarified.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6 recalled at least 70 invaders who had already been identified, arrested and formally charged, culminating in the deaths of five people, including an officer.

However, Michael Sherwin, Washington’s federal lawyer, is expected to lay charges against “hundreds” of people. There are allegations of theft of government property, illegal entry into a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill, intent to obstruct activity, trespassing and rioting.

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