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A famous actress gives voice to the artificial intelligence Karan built in the Spider-Man costume in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Do you know which Hollywood star this is?

In the superhero Spider-Man: Homecoming movie available on the Netflix operating system, Peter Parker interacts with Tony Stark-created artificial intelligence Karan and integrates into his Spider-Man costume. Did you know that a famous Hollywood actress gave her voice like everyone else on this computer?

Behind this IA voice speaking to Spider-Man (Tom Holland) actually hides American Jennifer Connelly. The 50-year-old actress was recently seen in the credits of the Snowflake series, so almost fifteen years after the movie Hulk sees the superhero universe (and another Marvel character), in which she plays the role of Betty Rose.

In an interview Presented in 2017 for the Slashfilm website, American Kevin Faiz, the big boss of Marvel Studios, returned to this sympathetic voice cameo. “The idea of ​​Spider-Man interacting with his costume gained a bit of weight during post-production, and we liked the idea that it was a female voice planned by Tony Stark. For Peter.”, He declared. “It happened so quickly, we wondered who could make that voice. And Jennifer’s name came up for three reasons. First, she’s a great actress, someone who can play everything. “, He married Jarvis.”

Most observers have noticed that Jennifer Connelly has been in a relationship for many years with Paul Pettani, who has been the voice over Iron Man’s personal computer Jarvis since Robert Downey Jr. since 2008. A link to “Information-Voice-Super-Heroism” says the least surprise with her friend, which you can find today on the credits of the Netflix series Vandavision.

Did you notice the little hidden details of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”?

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