James Harden, Kevin Durant et Kyrie Irving chez les Nets

Promise made by Horton, K.D. and Kyrie

With the arrival of James Horton in Brooklyn, the Nets have 3 of the greatest pioneers of their generation. Despite the big questions, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Horton would have made a promise To guarantee their joint success …

You have not escaped since Wednesday: James Horton packs his bags and goes to the Nets for the Beard 4 In team trading ! Thus he associates a right with immense aspirations, but in an unstable situation. A Kyrie plots more and more with Irving. An environment conducive to concerns, the New York media did not fail to put pressure on the owner to stop it!

Latest information about Kyrie Irving Hard to understand. Will I be back? Won’t come back? Nothing is certain about Uncle Drew, however the latest updates are coming back. However, the 3 superstars would have stamped a kind of deal together, as promised by Christian Winfield NY Daily News This will reassure fans of the Nets.

According to Sean Marx, James Horton has said he will win anything when it comes to using the miss and sharing the ball. Marx explains that Horton, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant all agreed that sacrifice was necessary to succeed.

So the 3 All-Stars team will be ready to accept the sacrifices needed to shine. We know it has not been defeated, especially on two backs: Horton Houston had the biggest utility misses in the league in his years, and monopolized the ball in every possession. Kairi is also a personal monster who shines in solitude.

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Stay tuned Kevin Torrent He needs to team up even more collectively to integrate his new team player. All of this confirms a severe headache for Steve Nash! But if alchemy works in these three, its effects will be terrifying to the security of the East. See what face this face will show with three heads: Will he scare his opponents, or Brooklyn coaching staff?

Horton, Kyrie and K.D. Ready Make sacrifices to win a title together. Beautiful words that require confirmation on the floor of the Barclays Center, with success!

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