Thanks to this cake you will never lose your key (or dog) - Samsung Mania.CS

Thanks to this cake you will never lose your key (or dog) – Samsung Mania.CS

The latest news that Samsung has not opened Galaxy Smart Tag, A small locator (dog, key, suitcase, wallet, backpack, etc.) that connects you with high-tendency objects that get lost can easily find them using your mobile phone. It works the other way around – the tag logo acts as a button that “rings” the connected phone when pressed twice. The pendant interacts with the environment via Bluetooth LE (up to 120 m), powered by a replaceable battery type CR2032, which keeps the smart tag alive for up to 300 days.

The SmartAudings app takes care of locator management on the mobile phone, which can use the invention module to find a lost locator. Mark it as lost in the app and its location (as well as the location of the objects to which the locator is attached) will help other users of Galaxy series smartphones find it. So it works Like looking for a lost watch or headphones.

The dimensions of the Galaxy Smart Tag are 39 × 39 × 9.8 mm and the weight is stopped at 13 grams. Increased IP53 resistance or automatic home control is a significant addition at the touch of a button. When you exit, you can turn off the house lighting, TV, thermostat, etc. with a single press. The Smart Tag will go on sale in black at the end of January and in brown for the CZK 899 in the second half of February.

Key features of the Galaxy SmartTake in the video:

Samsung announced at the same time Smart Tag +, Which is additionally equipped with UWP technology, which enables precise directional and spatial search using the phone with UWP technology (e.g. the new Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra). The South Korean manufacturer is set to launch it later this year.

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