Who’s out? Not sure?

Who's out?  Not sure?

Every evening of the season, many of you ask us if this athlete is present or did not come to the evening game, so we will provide you with a daily update, updated live (up to 00h) 1h). This will help your imagination, especially Coach’s game (User Guide is here) or your challenge, All of our daily tips can be found here.

As a general rule, we will not mention that a player is still out for several weeks, but will declare a potential return. Note that a player may have announced, last will be activated at the last minute or in the evening. So do not hesitate to iron.

01 hrs: Charlotte Hornets-Dallas Mavericks

  • Maxi Klepper out
  • Dorian Finney-Smith walked out
  • Jalan Branson out
  • Josh Richardson walked out

01h00: Detroit Pistons – Milwaukee Bucks

  • Bobby Portis (knee) to play
  • Derrick Rose (knee) uncertain

01:30: New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets

  • Kevin Torrent will play
  • Kyrie Irving out
  • Tyler Johnson left
  • OP should play Topin (Calf)
  • Frank Ndilikina out
  • Reggie Bullock (hip) should not play

02h00: Oklahoma City Thunder – Los Angeles Lakers

  • Al Harport out
  • Jared Dudley left
  • Wesley Matthews left
  • Anthony Davis (admission) is uncertain
  • LeBron James (ankle) to play
  • Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope (ankle) to play

02h00: Minnesota Timber Valves – Memphis Chryslice

  • Carl-Anthony cities (wrist) to play
  • Josh Okoki (Icio) to play
  • John Concer (Ankle) is uncertain

04h00: Sacramento Kings – Portland Trail Blazers

  • Richan Holmes (ankle) to play
  • The bar should play heel
  • Joseph Noorkik (Quadriceps) is uncertain
  • Damien Lillard (Ankle) to play
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04h00: Los Angeles Clippers – New Orleans Pelicans

  • Steven Adams (single headache) to play
  • Must play JJ Redick (Icio)
  • Eric Pletcho (Eye) Uncertain
  • Lonzo Paul walked out
  • Ivica Zubak (Apto) is unstable
  • Zion Williamson out
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