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Roma five hammer hammer bologna in the first half

A.S., who won 5-1 in Serie A on Sunday. Roma have blasted a pathetic Bologna team with the last five first-half goals.

Two goals were not allowed for each team, and Roma finished fifth with 21 points, one point ahead of Juventus, who came out of Genoa on Sunday.

Bologna midfielder Andrea opened the flood when Leonardo Spinasola converted a pass into his own net five minutes later. Five minutes later Edin Diego ran through the ball of Lorenzo Pellegrini to add a second for Roma.

Bologna’s second-choice goalkeeper Federico Rawaglia made his Serie A debut, having to take the ball back from the net 15 minutes after Pellegrini scored from Spinasola’s geometric pass.

Pellegrini then did not allow a goal for the offside, and Bologna pulled one back in the 24th minute – although it was scored by a Roma player, Brian converted a cross from Musa Barrow into his own net.

Jordan Verretwood passed neatly into fourth in the 35th minute, and Henrik Magdorian gave the final touch to Rick Carstarp’s right-footed run a minute and a half before half-time.

Bologna coach Sinisa Mikhajlovic made three half-time substitutes to block his team waves after the break.

Pharaoh and Nicola Dominguez did not allow goals for Bologna to go offside, while another Roma attempt for Bellegrini was stopped offside shortly after, before Borja Meyer hit the woodwork for the audience.

(Written by Brian Homewood; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

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