Retirees involved in the Nordic march detained in Belarus

Retirees involved in the Nordic march detained in Belarus


The women walked in the woods every day.

The women in the forest were surrounded by “black men” and taken to the ROVD. The reason for the detention of pensioners is unknown.

In a forest near the Belarusian city of Vitebs, law enforcement officers detained six retired women during a Scandinavian walk. The prisoners were taken to the ROVD. One of them writes that he is the mother of opposition politician Powell Chevronets

“My wife called me at ten o’clock in the morning and could only say one thing, ‘We were surrounded by black people.’ Then contact with him was interrupted. In it they walked with Nordic walking sticks, “said her husband.

He added that the reason for the detention of his wife and his friends was not yet known.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko called Russian President Vladimir Putin a close friend and believed they were. “Tightly” is paid to a team.

It was also reported that Lukashenko had named his regime “The Era of Stability”.

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