How to recharge and use it

How to recharge and use it

The L-de-France region is taking a new step in the demarcation of transport tickets. As we announced earlier this month, Navigo Pass is now available on the iPhone. Jan.

RTL reached, explaining that the deployment of the IDF Mobilides update is gradual. Not all iPhone users have immediate access to this. IDF Mobilites intends to implement January 20 more effectively.

Not all iPhones are compatible. Feature is provided Models from iPhone 7 The iPhone XR / XS generation will be fitted with the NFC chip, which will be eligible in the coming weeks. IDF Mobilites did not disclose the reasons for their exclusion.

How To Reload Your Pass On iPhone

Functionality is provided in the latest version of Application of IDF Mobility, Via Navigo before. So start by downloading version 7.0.0 of the service update from the App Store. You should also use the latest Navigo Pass, the blue and purple version are not compatible.

Once installed, the login application prompts you. If this is your first time, you need to create an account. Please note, this is not the same account you use to link to the site JeGereMaCarteNavigo On the computer, download your certificates. But you can use the same email address, it is not a bar.

The process of recharging the Navigo Pass cannot be easy. Open the application, “Purchase“At the bottom of the main page, select”In my Navigo Boss“, Then”Read my pass“, Bring your pass near the front of your iPhone until you find the NFC chip on the phone, wait and then choose your plan. You can pay by credit card or via Apple Pay.

How To Top Up Your Navigo Pass On iPhone
How To Top Up Your Navigo Pass On iPhone
Credit: R.D.L.

How to use your dematerialized pass on a daily basis

Once loaded on the iPhone, the title allows you to travel around the area by bus, tram, metro and RER network. But It does not allow many people to travel at the same time. Only one topic can be loaded on one phone.

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Other limit, Can’t use the iPhone yet to go through the gates From the metro. These are not yet compatible with Apple’s NFC technology, for example in London. So you need to constantly badger with your body card.

This will eventually change. The L-D-France region and Apple have been discussing this issue for years. IDF Mobilites explains that it has regular discussions with the US company about technical aspects, software, use of user data and contract aspects. But the region will not get involved in the matter until the talks are really successful.

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