lebron s'exprime sur son tir face aux pelicans

Thanks to both LeBron for freeing him

The reigning champion of the season final is also MVP. Finally, LeBron James dominates the league at the height of his 36th year. For this new tutorial, King explains, however, that there is a certain freedom for both thanks His team players. Descriptions.

These last years, LeBron James Has developed its game to be at the best level. The Lockers, for example, have been used as a leader since he arrived, often relying more and more on his level of excellence and excellent vision of the game. One change has allowed him to be the best selector in the league. Last season.

Although King was always used a lot with the ball on the wing, this significant level change allowed him to benefit from his playmaking qualities by positioning multiple snipers around him. Of course the end is over, but the years go by, and four times MVP has to let other players carry the ball.

Fortunately, the Lakers made two of the best choices in the office by adding two playmakers to the list: Dennis Schrடர்der and Mark Casol (Although the latter does not apply to the taste of the former LeBron team). With new players who knew how to make the right choices ball, King found himself playing a way he was not used to it! Joan Buha explains this change Athletes.

This year, thanks to Mark Casol and Dennis Schroeder, I have the opportunity to play more without the ball so I can move without the ball and cut behind the defense. This is something I have not been able to do in recent years, so I like to mention it often, using my “catchy” qualities.

An innovation for lockers that can use the ball of multiple creators in hand, Schrder and checker options provided Let Frank Vocal differentiate his cycles and game plans. The German is a established leader, infiltrator, while the Spaniard is a strong winger, very clever and powerful in deception.

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Still application rate so far (Application rate) Is the highest of the king: the number 23 has always been Angelinos’ first choice in creation. But these new offensive weapons will help ruling champions boost their leader’s mind. Fair, because even though his physique is exceptional, LeBron James is no longer 20 years old!

LeBron James will rediscover the joy of finding shifts without the ball in his hands. A Novelty This will make the lockers an even harder team to defend in the playoffs.

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