Did Kamala Harris take a “relaxed” photo on the front page of the walk? Anna Windor defends herself

Kamala Harris photographiée trop "relax" à la Une de Vogue? Anna Wintour se défend

The controversy erupted on social media on Sunday after the magazine released its cover for the February edition.

Before the controversy escalated to focus on selecting that “loose” photo for the cover of the February issue, some initially said the face of the vice president-elect had been “whitened”. Paper version of the magazine.

The shot was taken as part of a series shot by black photographer Tyler Mitchell, the future vice president – who created the Vogue headlines in 2018 with footage of Beyonc.

It was chosen to be detrimental to another of his photographs, very casual, where the future American Number Two passes his hands, in a light blue poncho.

“We have heard and understood the reaction to the print press’ cover, and I would like to reiterate that we have no intention of diminishing the significance of the Vice President’s incredible victory. I was elected,” Anna told the New York Times reporter Cara Swiss.

The journalist – who runs a podcast called “Sway” dedicated to the people in power – also aired a rare interview Tuesday with Anna Wintour, who preceded the controversy, in which Conte Nast, the chairman of the editorial board “could not imagine” the choice of this photo is controversial.

The film is “very happy and exciting,” he says. “I can’t imagine seeing anyone other than that. She has the full image of a woman, with those elected as president, who will provide the leadership needed for this country. For me, this is the most important and positive statement about women and women in power.”

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MEA Gulpa

Kamala Harris has not officially responded to the controversy. But sources around him told the US media that the cover photo was taken with surprise.

Anna Windor was already in a hot seat during the extensive Black Lives Matter events last summer, especially when she was accused of not having enough space for black stylists or photographers in the prestigious magazine.

Rumors of her resignation circulated around 2017, according to a report by Forbes magazine that she was the most powerful woman in the world of media and entertainment.

But the Septuagenarian, who is of British descent, was in charge, apologizing for “not doing enough” to his black collaborators, despite declaring that “he should take full responsibility for (his) mistakes”.

In an interview with Sway, he promises that this chapter on tension will “pay off”. She, who has a reputation for being icy – she sometimes gets the nickname “nuclear brother” – is said to have understood that she was “not listening or not listening enough”.

“In a business, you have to listen to everyone, all voices, and people have to feel generous to talk when they feel it is necessary,” he said.

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