Vogue cover with Kamala Harris causes criticism

Vogue cover with Kamala Harris causes criticism

KAmala Harris, who is set to become America’s first female vice president and the first non-white person to hold office next week, is said to be dissatisfied with her photo on the cover of Vogue. After posting the cover of the February issue last weekend, journalist Yashar Ali mentioned on social media about the deals between Harris’ staff and the editorial staff surrounding the editor-in-chief. Anna Windor.

They agreed to a vice photo of the future US president Joe Biden Beautifully dressed in a blue-gray. Instead of the admitted shot, “Vogue” chose an image in which Harris accidentally appeared in front of a screen wearing sneakers, black jeans.

Many 56-year-old Democrat supporters have complained about the unusual appearance on the cover of a fashion magazine. “The picture is so bad, I thought it was fake,” a user complained on Twitter.

Gives Harris, The daughter of an Indian cancer researcher and Jamaican economist with unusually light skin on the cover, has been accused by some supporters of the Winter editorial board of changing the color of the skin on the Winter editorial board system. “What a pitch. Anna Wintour, who recalled racist allegations last summer, had no black friends or colleagues. “

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