Predict a good week for skating and ski-loving trams residents

Predict a good week for skating and ski-loving trams residents

The frost at the Troms over the weekend provided cool and plenty of air, but also the opportunity to see both the evening and the stars and the northern lights.

According to meteorologist Saralambos Sarcosides, who is on duty at Werverslinga, clear weather will continue next week.

– Sea winds will continue until Wednesday next week. This means you get a cloudless sky away from the clouds, but it also means we get a lower temperature. It may seem that we can get a temperature of minus seven degrees, so it will be cold, says Sarcositis Idromos.


Those who wait a long time for winter snowfall don’t have to wait that long.

– The wind seems to be heading towards the weekend so you get a northwesterly direction. This means air comes from the ocean, and then clouds. It is likely to rain in the form of snow on Fridays and weekends, the meteorologist said:

– At the same time, the temperature will rise, it may be one or two plus degrees. The snow on the troms seems to be wet, while the rain may come in the form of slits on the beach. One should not be surprised that the weekend will be plus degrees, it will definitely be snowy. Temperatures are expected to drop again over the weekend.

Yes please, both

Sarcositis is strong in the hope that those who love winter will be happy with the weather, regardless of whether they like skis or skates.

– If you want to go ice skating, they have something to look forward to in the days to come. Those who want to go skiing don’t have to wait longer than the weekend, says the meteorologist.

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