Nelson Cruz: Universal-appointed hitter could push him to San Diego

Nelson Cruz: Universal-appointed hitter could push him to San Diego

For some time now we have been suspecting that the chances of seeing Nelson Cruz in the Minnesota doubles uniform are good. After all, the winner of the exam is enjoying himself with the twins and he wants to come back.

At 40, he said he was really at the end of his life. His next contract, perhaps two years, may be his last contract.

Can we blame the now-exclusive Choice Hitter for taking his time before signing? No. Especially since no one has signed up and many teams are in his case …

The problem is that the global DH case has not yet been decided by the MLP. We are moving towards no, but nothing has been decided. That said, we know this is a factor for Cruz not wanting to close doors unnecessarily.

San Diego Patress is among the doors that can be opened. As far as circulation is concerned, Patress wants to count him on their teams with a view to where DH will fit in nationally in 2021.

Obviously, without the success of the global election, it would not exist. After all, he can no longer play on the pitch, and Patres already has more players.

But with a DH? He will add a huge amount of power to a team that is already deep.

Note that last year, Mitch Morland was added despite being the first paceman Eric Hosmer. We wanted to deepen and exploit the position of the Choice Hitter, which was exceptionally established nationally by epidemic.

Patres is about to extend the contract of (too) Fernando Doddis Jr. for a very long time, so he is not really afraid to add more pay to the payroll.

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