What happened immediately after the Big Bang? We have only theoretical information


Over the past hundred years, astronomers and physicists have learned an incredible amount of information about our universe. It was created 13.8 billion years ago We call during an event The Big Bang. At first, the universe was very hot, dense, and small, but during rapid expansion it gradually became the universe we live in today, writes the portal. Astronomy.com.

They are not the only unsubstantiated theories. There is plenty of evidence that scientists can accurately describe Expansion of the universe, But his Growth over the last few billion years. We know how the first galaxies formed, how many basic elements are formed during nuclear reactions in the first seconds of the universe, when light and the first atoms are formed.

The mystery of the origin of the universe

However, the problem arises if you try to look more deeply into the past. We can map the first few seconds in detail, but what happened before is a complete mystery to us. The most interesting thing about the whole universe, its origin, is hidden under scientists An improbable layer of energy, distance and time.

However, scientists are trying to unravel this mystery not by observing it, but by particle accelerators. Large hawthorn accelerators can generate any type of particle, from electrons, photons, Higgs bosons to quarks. Initially, after the Big Bang, we knew that the universe was full of these parts. They communicate with each other Influence, destruction and re-creation.

A trillion seconds after the Big Bang, the universe was filled with incredibly hot and dense plasma. The temperature was higher than the center of the sun and the density exceeded one thousand kilograms per cubic meter. Under these extreme conditions, the particles continued to collide. During this period, everything was constantly changing.

However, we still have many unanswered questions. Why are there atoms in our universe? Scientists know that there must have been little more in the universe than the antimatter. How this happened, however, remains a mystery. At the same time, they suspect that the dark matter must have developed In the first moment after the big bang, But do not know how and why.

There is still a lot we do not know about the universe It pushes science forward. New telescopes or tests bring creative solutions that may one day tell us what happened in our second seconds. Location, Or even what was before.

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