SpaceX Launches Consecutive Starlink Missions

SpaceX Achieves Successful Dual Starlink Launches as Missions Continue at Record Pace

SpaceX made history yesterday evening as it successfully launched two Starlink missions from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida and Space Launch Complex-4E in California. The 46 Starlink satellites sent to orbit mark the 23rd and 24th missions of the year for SpaceX, as well as the 5th mission of the month.

The Falcon 9 rocket designated B1077 carried 23 Starlink satellites to orbit from Florida, deploying them into a 42-degree orbital inclination for the Group 6-43 constellation. Impressively, the Falcon 9 successfully landed on the droneship ‘Just Read the Instructions’ after completing its 11th flight, with reused fairings also playing a crucial role in the mission.

Just over 5 hours later, another Falcon 9 rocket, B1063, completed its 17th mission from California, carrying the Group 7-17 batch of Starlink satellites into a 53-degree orbital inclination. SpaceX’s recent enhancements to Falcon 9’s performance have allowed for the addition of extra Starlink satellites to missions, with a new agreement with the Bahamian government enabling 53-degree orbital inclination Starlink missions to also be launched from Florida.

In other SpaceX news, Crew 7 is slated to return to Earth tomorrow after spending nearly 6 months aboard the International Space Station. For further inquiries or feedback, contact [email protected] or reach out on Twitter @RDAnglePhoto. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments from SpaceX and the Starlink project.

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