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The popular messaging application “WhatsApp” has put its users in trouble after its latest update, which explains that the terms and privacy policy must be agreed upon once the application is opened, and the user will not be able to use the app after February 8 if they do not respond to approval.

The new terms include collecting some data and making it available to accounts واتساب According to Financial Express, such as user activity, phone number, account picture and contacts with other users.

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The conditions also apply to the collection of information about the digital identifier (IP) of a used computer or phone, its location and language, as well as payment transactions and financial data of users.

Numerous mobile phone users on Android and iOS systems received notification messages to approve the new update, which angered users, prompting the spread of several angry tweets on the social networking site “Twitter”.

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There are only two alternative ways for WhatsApp users to resolve the account closure crisis

WhatsApp has introduced the first solution for users to keep their service working, which is to accept the terms of the new privacy policy, otherwise the user will not be able to access his account from next February.

Meanwhile, celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk has similar capabilities in using an alternative app to solve the crisis of the new update on WhatsApp, and this is called “signal”.

In response to the anger of some WhatsApp users about the new application, “Musk” wrote through his official account on the short tweet site “Twitter”: “Use the signal.”

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