Apple will re-release the cheap iPhone and Airports Pro without a “business card”

Apple will re-release the cheap iPhone and Airports Pro without a "business card"

Apple will soon launch a new generation of its gadgets – from smartphones and tablets to headphones. Meanwhile, the network is accumulating information about future updates. This time, Japanese-themed rich Makodakara shared details about Chinese manufacturers from Apple’s supply chain.

According to that circle, the company will soon release the new generation iPhone SE. For the time being, this will happen in April 2021. This will be the third generation of the iPhone SE.

With the iPhone SE3, the new Airports Pro wireless headphones will be released. The headphones will receive a charging case in a new design. The case will be 21mm thick, but the remaining dimensions will be 46 and 54mm. In comparison, the Airbots Pro case now measures 21 x 45.2 x 60.6 mm. This will narrow the case down a bit.

According to previous leaks, the Airbus Pro 2 wireless headphones will lose their “business card” signature – they will become more valid when released from the “call”. By and large, they will resemble their competitor – the Samsung Galaxy Butts.

As for the iPhone SE, a bigger iPhone SE Plus is expected. However, Magodakara did not indicate an increase in screen size on the iPhone SE3. Maybe by 2021 we will have two variants of the iPhone SE – the basic iPhone SE3 and the bigger iPhone SE Plus.

Magodakara has extensive track record of leaks related to Apple products. For example, last year’s proof was released a few months before announcing the sketches of the iPhone 12 mockups and the iPhone SE2.

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