Yadier Molina’s return to St. Louis seems inevitable

Yadier Molina's return to St. Louis seems inevitable

The off-season was aptly named following the 2020 campaign: it is dead. In fact, it was until yesterday following a transaction involving Francisco Lindor.

Is this the first act in a long series? We believe, because many teams are currently inactive.

In one of them, the cards de Saint-Louis, may go in the coming days or weeks. We are on our way back from star receiver Yadier Molina.

The main reason is the length of the contract he is asking for, which is two years, and his willingness to return to the cardinals. Sure, another team might offer a surprising opportunity to enter, but it’s less and less, even a recipient when watching the Houston Astros, the Toronto Blue Zeus and the Washington Nationals.

Despite the obvious (returning to St. Louis), receiver J.D. Surprising anyone by returning to Molina, and was willing to give her the requested two years.

For his part, pitcher Adam Winewright may return to Missouri in the coming days.

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