New world. “Trump saved Twitter from recession”

Social networks have been multiplying radicalization events for years.  Drawing
Social networks have been multiplying radicalization events for years. Description (YUICHIRO CHINO / MOMENT RF / GETTY IMAGES)

franceinfo: Do ​​you think there is a responsibility for social networking in this week’s events in Washington?

Tariq Grim, Digital Entrepreneur : We were able to see Capitol people with flags clearly stating that they were extremist groups like the Canaanites. However, we know that these groups are built on social networks, especially Facebook, with a referral algorithm. Over the years, social networks have only multiplied these events.

Is there an economic interest in social networks?

We must not forget that there is business interest in these networks. I even think that Trump’s intense Twitter activity saved this company from economic collapse. Political campaigns and the polarization of politics, especially in the United States but elsewhere, have had a positive impact on advertising sales. To strengthen this advertising manna all players like YouTube consistently highlight hard and serious content.

Another subject, digital sovereignty. What is your reaction when Emmanuel Macron says that France is 10 years behind in digital technology?

We can’t say that. I found these comments to be very harsh on the community of French developers. Apparently, the US cloud is ahead, but it must be remembered that the US government funded it with billions of dollars. For example, the cloud deal that Amazon initially won was awarded to Microsoft by Trump’s decision, which represented up to $ 10 billion!

What we do not have is the investment of government and French companies in European technologies so that we can achieve speed. We have immense talents and need more time and money to create the same features that exist in the American clouds.

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Is it normal for American players to be allowed to participate in the European Ghana X Cloud project?

I see this interest because the Kia X should be a European alternative to American players in order to create a form of European Federation of Technologies. However, that is not the case. There may be a trust issue.

Many players think it would be nice to have Palandir or Microsoft members. However, although initially a bit pricey, I think we need to stabilize ourselves with our own values. As we have seen in the past with initiatives like Airbus, it pays for itself in the long run and brings many benefits.

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