Is the Apple car really going to hit the road?

La voiture électrique et autonome d'Apple : serpent de mer ou réalité ? © 4kstocks, Fotolia

Hyundai was surprised to reveal that it was in talks with Apple to make an electric car. At the same time, in an article by Bloomberg, the California brand relaunched its Apple program because it was electric and autonomous.

After a dull, gossip around the project Electric car And autonomyApple One gained strength again fifteen days ago, with revelations about one Drums “Revolutionary”. Now, in quick succession, the new components tend to reinforce the hypothesis that the company at Apple is very seriously concernedAutomobile. In fact, the builder Hyundai Apple has formalized negotiations with the company to make an electric car.

« We understand that Apple is in discussions with various global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. Since these exchanges are still in their infancy, nothing has been decided A Hyundai spokesman quoted as saying CNBC. Keep in mind that the South Korean manufacturer has a platform for E-GMP for electric cars compatible with the 800V load. Apple He can count on the latter to build his car using his own car Battery lithium-fer-phosphate (LFP) is said to be its engineers Floor. Of course, the California giant did not comment on the announcement.

If this were the case, the Apple car would not be like this. © techs_trends

Apple has hired former engineers from Tesla

Coincidence or not, an article Bloomberg A “small team” of Apple engineers released yesterday is actually working on an autonomous electric car that can see daylight in five to seven years. We know the company is developing a hardware and software platform for automated driving that has been testing for at least three years. Apple is said to have hired several engineers Tesla, Some even work on the impetus, safety and interior of this Apple car.

The team responsible for developing the arm processors that Apple will use on its iPhone, iPad and Mac will also be involved. But all of this is still mysterious and imaginary, but Hyundai’s statement is quite surprising in terms of the secrecy policy that Apple usually imposes on its partners.

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