Clayton Bobbin: “Representing Trump and his supporters led to deep dissatisfaction.”

Gladden Pappin : « Délégitimer Trump et ses partisans a fait naître un ressentiment très profond » <img class='plus-nav-icon-menu icon-img' src='' style='height:20px;'>

Can you summarize what happened Wednesday night in Washington?

Two significant events have taken place in recent days in American political life. In Tuesday’s election in Georgia, the Democrats won the seat needed to control the Senate. This increased tensions with Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington. The next day, the 6th Congress was to open the ballot for every fifty states, and then the events that everyone saw took place. Security in the United States Capitol is not expecting an aggressive crowd: Overall, Trump supporters are supporters of the order and are quietly protesting. However, some in the crowd wanted to put on a big show.

They quickly sank the perimeter of the Capitol, not knowing how the police would respond. It is unclear what is going on, and law enforcement may well consider it a violent movement, which is why the shooting took place. It later became clear that this was not the case when disguises entered the Senate chamber to take pictures. The result is a horrible scenario for American politics, very strange. Rather than a violent uprising or riot, it was more like a social media show where these people walked through the Chamber of Congress and took photos of themselves. This is a terrifying act and entertainment for social media. […]

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