Bombardier sued for rusting planes

Bombardier sued for rusting planes

Nearly 26 million cases have been filed against Bombardier by one of its customers complaining of “abnormal and premature erosion” on four global airlines.

Mary-Eve FournierMary-Eve Fournier

Toronto-based financial institution ECN claims in a lawsuit filed in late December that its three Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft were rusting. “This corrosion is a direct cause of a design flaw [ou] Bombardier’s aircraft production, ”he accuses.

These commercial jets were purchased in 2012, 2014 or 2015.

According to ECN, Bombardier “has long been aware of the mistakes of its global 5000 and 6000, which lead to a solution”, and the company “issued two service bulletins and a warning in the spring and summer of 2018” on this subject.

“Nevertheless, the defendant [Bombardier] Did not come forward to compensate or compensate [ECN] For damages ”, refers to legal action.

For its part, the Quebec company rejects its customer reviews.

Bombardier manufactures world-class aircraft that meet the strictest standards set by all international aviation standards. Bombardier did not comment on the case in court, but insisted that it categorically denies the allegations and wants to actively defend itself.

Mark Maslouch, spokesman for Bombardier Aviation

Mr. Could not find out if rust issues from Muslook are covered by warranty. But, in general, he told us that “a lot of external factors affect the pole”, for example “operating environment and function type”.

Is considered a loss of value

In 2018, ECN was able to sell two of the four aircraft at the center of the controversy. But despite “every effort” in this direction the other two are not. Today, their value is said to have fallen by US $ 7.3 million and US $ 10.7 million. These sums will cover the additional costs associated with airfare, insurance and maintenance from Bombardier and others.

ECN Capital Corporation is a financial institution with a total assets of US $ 29 billion. Over the years, the company has bought or funded a plane worth a total of one billion from Bombardier, he says in his legal action. Unable to reach the company on Friday afternoon.

The Global 5000 and Global 6000 are commercial jets that can carry 16 and 17 passengers, respectively. They are the most luxurious models of the company until recently. Their promo brochure says their “smooth flight”, “the fastest internet connection in the world” and “fast logs”.

– With Louis-Samuel Peron, Press

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