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Marx & Spencer And its new housing distribution partner, Okado, Has been criticized for charging different prices for the same product in stores and online.

Shopkeepers have highlighted the price lottery of identical products from eggs to lasagne, with more than 40% differences between what is sold and what is sold in M&S stores. Okado In some cases. Some products are more expensive in stores and some are more expensive at the online grocery retailer.

M&S products, including monster cupcakes, white tissue and turkey breast steaks, were all found to be cheaper to buy through Okado, while glazed lettuce, free-range eggs and 500g penne pasta were found to be cheaper in the store.

One customer complained on social media: “Okado I am shocked to learn that you are raising a loyal customer for 5 years @marksandspencer Prices for your website. 4M & S items in Okado are 50p more expensive than the M&S Store.

Another replied: “I noticed this. They usually don’t even make offers like items for 3 each, or க்கு 5 for 2 in the store – they are just $ 3 each in Okado – which is very annoying and unfair to shields! ”

Okado’s former partner Waitros had a similar problem – some supermarket products are priced differently than those online.

When M&S is co-owner Okado’s retail arm, Said the two supermarket businesses should set prices separately under the Competition Act.

But it’s not clear why the two retailers did not use the same price comparison techniques as other retailers – such as Tesco’s pledge to match Aldi’s price on some products – in the store and online to ensure equality for M&S.

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He said: “It is difficult for consumers to know what the real retail value is [of any item]. Manufacturers of each product should set the recommended retail value for it as we have used in the past. ”

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Pricing should be increased as there is no body to oversee the issue and ensure fairness, James said. Switching to online shopping means that it is difficult for many to compare online and store prices as locks are re-imposed.

“We need strict rules if we are going to go online,” he said.

A spokesman for Marx & Spencer said: “M&S and Okado are two separate businesses, with Okado set its own prices independently with its own deals and concessions. That’s why customers can occasionally find a small difference in pricing on a small number of products. ”

The “majority” of M&S products, which own 5,000 shares, said Okado is similarly priced on its website and in stores. “Okado is committed to providing the best value experience for its customers,” it added.

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