An American consulting firm to design a vaccine campaign costs 13 13,000 a day

An American consulting firm to design a vaccine campaign costs 13 13,000 a day


What if it was a startup nation? The government inviting international consulting firms to hand over important tasks such as designing the logistics structures of the vaccination campaign against the biggest epidemic since World War II? From the site’s revelations, many politicians have criticized it until France Inzuimis Atlantico.E, Supports Chain duck : Yanik Jadot in it “diagnosing a power deficiency in managing an infection”; Bastian Lachad (FI) criticizes the “rule of the state and the rule of incompetence”; “The fall of our state will break the heart,” shouts Rafael Kluxman.

At the center of the controversy, in December, the government called on US consulting firm McKinsey to consider the use of the vaccine in France, particularly “logistics structure” and “operational integration”. The company, one of the largest in the world, employs 33,000 people and had revenues of more than $ 10 billion in 2018. Jagannath is an advisory body to 90 of the world’s 100 most important companies, as well as several governments.

This appeal to the consulting firm again shows the unpreparedness of the government, which appealed to the agency in mid-December, apparently overwhelmed by the difficulty of the task at hand, which means the vaccine campaign is capable of protecting tens of thousands of people in a very short period of time. Nevertheless, the skills of state officials are said to be undiminished, and ministries are gathering with senior officials who often meet with similar consulting firms. So the issue is not the question of efficacy, but the political preparation for a new phase of the epidemic: the mass vaccination. If the French delay has already shown Macroni’s incompetence compared to its European neighbors, this revelation is coming to reinforce it.

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What is even more shocking is the extent of such benefit to taxpayers at the expense of the state: nearly two million euros a month, According to Point. Because, for many policies, the central issue is the “disappearance” with private companies, and the problem is elsewhere. In fact, the practice of inviting consulting firms to consider entire sections of government policy is not new. As a reference Le Figaro. Between 2011 and 2013, the government already used McKinsey for பயன்படுத்த 19.1 million, according to a 2014 court auditor report. The state’s first customer was then-French company Capgemini, which won nearly மில்லியன் 55 million in the deal. An organization that illustrates how this type of consulting firm works best in collaboration with ministries and senior civil service, with many senior executives moving from “Bondfly” to top public executives. Among the eleven members of Capgemini’s board of directors are two senior executives who left ENA: Frederick Odia, financial analyst, was now an adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, the Society’s CEO; Xavier Masca, a financial analyst, was then secretary general of the Republican presidency under Sarkozy.

Links illustrated today in the presence of Madeleine Callen, McKinsey’s “co-partner” in France, a former member of the UMP’s political bureau and adviser to Alain Jupp. These contacts between the French government and the big multinational banks and financial institutions are far from showing the “degeneration of the state,” but rather show that the French bourgeoisie has always been aware of how to shift its political responsibilities and its financial interests. Members should not use independent companies drawn up from its ranks to get better pay for themselves.

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